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3 Brilliant Ways to use Coconut Oil for Skin Care

By Sarah Kilvington

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1. Spot Topper.

Whether it’s a pimple, ingrown hair, scratch, bite or rough spot, placing a small dab of Coconut Oil on it will have tremendous effects. Killing bacteria, protecting from the elements, taking away the itch, or soothing the skin, Coconut Oil has proven it self as a worthy competitor to many drug store staples, but as a much healthier entity. Regular Coconut Oil, or an Organic Plant Extract infused one like Coconut Oil Works’ HERE, will give you a much needed relief from many skin issues.

2. Razor Burn Stopper.

Using Coconut Oil on ANY burn is essential, but it especially works well on razor burn. Shaving anywhere on the body can be a painful task when you end up with red bumps, but covering the area in Coconut Oil will provide immediate relief. It is great for men and women, as it can be used as an after shave on the face and body. Add a little Organic Peppermint Oil and you’ve got a wonderful cooling treatment!

3. Skin Protector.

While wind and sun can leave a nasty burn on the sensitive parts of your skin, dry cold and pollutants can also leave their own distinguishing mark, especially in the winter. Dry, flaky, red, rough and blotchy skin can all be remedied by applying a thin coat of Coconut Oil to affected or exposed parts, and will not only protect your skin from an array of elements, it will also heal the damage that may have occurred already.

By adopting these 3 Coconut Oil Skin Care Tips, you are sure to have Healthier skin in a matter of minutes!
What is your favorite way to use Coconut Oil as Skin Care?

Have a Healthy Day!

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*Though I use Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil Works 3 in 1 Dry Oil Spray) daily for all of the mentioned above, I am not a doctor and don’t suggest using Coconut Oil alone as a sun screen or for use instead of a barrier cream when working with caustic chemicals and other nasty pollutants.T his is simply a guideline. Thank you!

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