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Coconut Oil Works
Be Inspired by nature for uncompromised purity

Coconut Oil Works is about letting you live the life you want, without compromising the quality of your health. Using revolutionary blends of specialized, pure ingredients, you will benefit from centuries of coconut oil research and practice in as little as one spray.

We are Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is not one product line of Coconut Oil Works; it’s our only product line. We’ve done the research and focused solely on this because we know the power that coconut oil has and want to share this with you.

With Coconut Oil Works, you enjoy beautiful, healthy, chemical free skin, hair, and teeth as our products help detoxify your body. You are free to focus on living the life you want, without the worry of what you’re putting on your body.

Confidence from truly green, truly pure products

All our products are developed with pure coconut oil & organic plant extracts for a light, silky, powerful product. There are no fillers (including water), parabens, or preservatives, just natural ingredients as we refuse to greenwash any of our products.

Building trust in our skincare line is just as important as providing you a quality product that helps you have a better life, with less health problems.


Follow your heart to a more confident, natural, perfectly pure you. See our store for product details.

Our Founders

Shaun and Sarah Kilvington, are a brother and sister team committed to providing natural products that are convenient, uncompromised, and of true quality.

After living with the pain of skin issues and not finding a product for her needs on the market, Sarah started using coconut oil, developing her own skin care products that were 100% natural…and that worked! With these products she created, all of Sarah’s skin frustrations went away, giving her smoother, healthier, more radiant skin. Seeing the benefits and turnaround in her skin because the coconut oil, she, along with her Coconut Oil Works team, developed the Dry Oil Spray for a truly natural, green, and quality coconut oil product. Through this alternative, all-natural product, and the rest of the Coconut Oil Works skincare line, you can avoid the same pain and frustration that Sarah went through.

We always welcome your stories and feedback, so please feel free to share!

Shaun Kilvington


Sarah Kilvington