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Why Coconut Oil?

Naturally confident, naturally you

At Coconut Oil Works, we believe in providing superior coconut oil products that are truly 100% natural. Having experienced the power of coconut oil and understanding the long history of coconut oil and its benefits to the human body, we look to provide you with a great product AND a thorough understanding of how you can benefit from using Coconut Oil Works’ products.

By choosing Coconut Oil Works, you are choosing a naturally healthy product, helping you be the best you day in and day out.

Below are a few common questions that will help clarify why coconut oil is a superb natural product.

Is your liquid coconut oil just as beneficial as your solid coconut oil?

Are your products organic?

Do you use water in your Coconut Oil Skin Care products?

You claim to be Nature Approved, Cruelty Free and Yoga Approved. What does this all mean?

Won’t putting coconut oil on my skin cause pimples?

Are Coconut Oil Works products safe for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or while on medication?